F.A.Q. and details

F.A.Q. and details

1. Why march?
2. How can I help spread the word?
3. Is transportation available?
4. When and where is the march?
5. What’s the full agenda?
6. Will there be ASL interpretation?
7. What’s the route of the march?
8. What should I bring?

1. Why a March on the Mansion?

Read the open letter to Governor McAuliffe signed by over 60 groups for the full background on the vision and principles behind the March.

Here’s the short story: In 2016, we can have energy development that doesn’t harm communities. It is possible to spur our economy with clean, renewable energy production, and give communities the power to control their own future.

Yet, right now, neighbors all across Virginia are being harmed by dirty, extractive energy policies. From pipelines and compressor stations across our land, to toxic coal ash in our rivers, to dirty gas plants wreaking havoc on our climate — this doesn’t need to happen.

Terry McAuliffe ran for Governor telling us he would champion renewable energy, and bring transparency to the Capitol. Yet — he’s chosen time and time again to stand lockstep with corporate polluters, putting their profits over our health, and refusing to stand up for our citizens.

We need real leadership, and we don’t have time to waste!

2. How can I help spread the word?

If you’re on Facebook, RSVP to the March on the Mansion event and then invite your friends to join in. Click “Going” to RSVP yourself, and then click “Invite” to get the word out.

On Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, we’ll be using the hashtag #ReachTerry to share updates before, during, and after the march. Use #ReachTerry in your posts, so we can track and share each others’ updates. #ReachTerry symbolizes what we’re doing — bringing our voices straight to Governor Terry McAuliffe’s doorstep to break through the influence of fossil fuel polluters.

2. Is transportation available to Richmond?

Yes, buses are headed to Richmond on July 23rd from across Virginia. Even better, seats on the bus are free of charge. To find the list of available buses and pick-up locations, go to http://marchonthemansion.org/transportation. To reserve your seat on a bus, select your bus from the drop-down menu on the main March sign-up form.

If a bus is not convenient to your area, we encourage you to carpool! The March transportation page has a ride-sharing board to help marchers find and offer rides.

3. When and where is the March?

The March is on Saturday, July 23rd from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. — rain or shine!

The March will begin with a rally on historic Brown’s Island, along the beautiful James River in downtown Richmond. Brown’s Island is accessible via pedestrian entrances at Tredegar Street & South 5th and South 7th Streets respectively, and by Richmond’s Canal Walk. (See a map of Brown’s Island Park here.)

Brown's Island Map_update-01

4. What’s the agenda for the March?

Pre-program activities:

11:15 a.m. — Interfaith prayer service on the West end of Brown’s Island. Join faith, meditation, and other spiritual leaders for a moment of song, prayer, mediation, and healing before the rally. All are welcome.

11:30 a.m. — Local musicians will take the stage and gear us up to rally.

Rally & march:

12 noon to 1 p.m. — Rally, featuring speakers across the state fighting dirty energy projects in their community and fighting for climate justice. American Sign Language interpretation will be available.

1 p.m. — March to the Governor’s mansion sets off.

2:30 p.m. — Closing remarks from community members and students, chants and singing at the Bell Tower on the Capitol Grounds.


3:00 p.m. — For those not getting on buses, there will be a debrief and next steps session at nearby St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (815 E Grace St.).

3:00 – 3:30 p.m. — Buses depart from 900 Bank Street, adjacent to the Capitol Grounds. Look out for an email from your bus captains ahead of time to confirm your final departure details.

5. Will there be sign language interpretation for the program?

Yes! American Sign Language interpretation will be available.

6. What’s the route of the March?

We’ll march from Brown’s Island through downtown Richmond to the Capitol Square, ending at the Bell Tower — a route of approximately 1 mile.

A bus shuttle will be available for anyone who needs a lift from the park to the Capitol grounds. Approximately the first quarter-mile of the march route is uphill.

Restrooms and a cool spot to rest along the march route are available at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 815 E. Grace St., corner of Grace and 9th streets, across from the Capitol. St. Paul’s will be open to ralliers from 12-4:00 p.m. (Use the Grace Street entrance.) This is the same spot where we’ll host a debrief and issue workshop directly after the march.

March map annotated 7-01

7. What should I bring to the March?

First, bring a friend — or 10 friends! And bring your kids. This is a peaceful, family-friendly event.

Be ready for summer weather. Check the weather beforehand: you’ll want to bring water, sunscreen, an umbrella, and maybe a poncho or rain jacket. We’ll have some shade for you at the rally site on Brown’s Island and we’ll have water tables. But you should bring all the things you would take on a summer outing to the beach: hat, sunscreen, water, and maybe a fan.

HOT TIP: Bring an umbrella either way! It’ll keep you dry if it rains, and cool if it’s hot.

Bring a sign or banner. Why you are coming to the rally and march to the Governor’s mansion. Are you most concerned about climate change? Coal ash dumping in our rivers? Fracked-gas pipelines? The need for the Governor to promote solar? Just make a poster or cloth/canvass/plastic banner that expresses YOU.

Bring the BEAT. A good march needs lots of drums. Do you have a snare drum? Conga? Bass drum? Do you know someone else who’s a drummer? Please round up all you can.

Finally, bring your chanting and singing voices, your energy, and your passion for a just, democratic energy future that works for everyone!